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Chess and Dungeons & Dragons

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Chess Club with Bob LeCount
Cohasset Recreation Department is excited to announce the return of retired Osgood principal and school adjustment counselor Bob LeCount to reintroduce his Chess Club.  Bob organized chess clubs during his Osgood days, where many Cohasset students learned to play chess or where those who knew how to play, honed their skills. Chess Club was known best for learning chess basics. Although some students advanced to developing various strategies, the focus was primarily for beginners. 

Cohasset Recreation will be a learning group where we learn the basics of playing chess and have fun doing it. We will start by reviewing the chessboard set up, how each player moves, and how to win the game. As students’ progress in their play, we will learn the importance of controlling the middle of the board. 

Dungeons & Dragons with Jason Kelliher
Cohasset Recreation is thrilled to introduce Jason Kelliher as our new Dungeons and Dragons instructor.  Jason has been with Cohasset High School since 2016-2017 teaching English and College Prep World Literature 10 sections.  He is now a full-time English 10 teacher with an additional 9th grade English class.  He is also a faculty adviser for CHS Robotics and began moderating a CHS Dungeons and Dragons class in his classroom.
The Recreation Dungeons and Dragons program offers the opportunity to take part in the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game. Participants will assume the role of a daring adventurer of their own creation and embark on an epic journey with 5-7 adventuring companions. As an exercise in collaborative storytelling, D&D allows young adventurers to build relationships, apply their creativity, and solve complex problems. In addition, the game’s intricate dice-based rules system helps to promote various mathematical skills. The program will provide access to D&D’s core rulebooks and play materials (including dice, player pieces, and maps). We will teach the fundamentals of D&D to inexperienced players while enriching the experience of veteran players.

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